Is it really as simple as it seems?

As Simple As It Seems by Sarah Weeks is about a girl named Verbena. Verbena is going through a process in her life where she can't figure out who she is and what is wrong with her. Her mom is continually spoiling her with things and helping her through her school difficulties. When her parents tell her that she was adopted and was really the child of Uncle Mike (bad news) and also was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Verbena really struggles with herself. She is mean and can't control what she says or does and doesn't like that about herself.

When a boy named Pooch and his mother move in next door Verbena takes the opportunity to be someone entirely different. Pooch is nine and has a very vivid imagination so he believes that Verbena is who she says she is. When he and Verbena find themselves in a scary situation Verbena reveals her true identity and realizes that life is short and anything can happen. She decides it's better to have fun than always worry about where she's from, and to be happy with herself. Verbena not only learns there is value in herself, but also recognizes the value of others in her life. 

Reading level 5.3 
AR 5.0
I rate this book as a 5 star