Out of my Mind by:Sharon M Draper

 Out of my Mind 

By: Sharon M Draper

 I would recommend this book to ages 10-15 years old
 Reading Level 4.3 AR 8.0 295pg

Out of my mind is a very inspiring book. The book is about a 10-year-old girl named Melody who is basically trapped inside her body she can't talk, she can't walk, and she can't write. Melody has a photographic memory and is super smart but she can't ever use her knowledge in school or outside of school so she gets stuck learning baby things.

More than anything in the world Melody wants to talk and be normal like her fellow classmates. So when she gets the opportunity to speak Melody is overwhelmed with satisfaction and happiness. Though it may seem that Melody's life gets a whole lot better she is still faced with many challenges. In the end, though she realizes that being different is better than being normal and that with the help of her family and her next-door neighbor she will be able to accomplish anything.

This book was crazy inspiring I mean I just experienced the life of a girl who is stuck inside her head. How crazy is it that authors can make it feel as if you're actually inside the story. This story left me with so many questions like how, and what, and did that just happen. If anyone who has read this story and has questions like me I want to hear them. Comment on this post and we can talk about each of our questions with one another.


  1. OMG, this is such a phenomenal book!! Melody is such a sweet character and she goes through so much! What were some of the questions you had?

    1. Questions I have are why is Claire so mean to Melody? Why do people not respect Melody enough to listen to her? What could I do to help people like her?

  2. Aww I really love this book! I remember reading it when I was in middle school. Agreed, I was so inspired by it:) Great post!

    1. I am so glad you liked the book and my post.


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