Lauren's Beach Crush by:Simon Spotlight

Lauren's Beach Crush 

by Simon Spotlight

Reading level 4.6 AR 5.0 5stars

Laurens Beach Crush by Simon Spotlight was the book that started it all for me. I had never liked to read and would do anything to get out of reading. On my 12th birthday, my mom gave me the book Laurens Beach Crush at first I thought she was crazy to think I would sit down and read it. Turns out I did sit down and read it and I loved every word of it.

The book is about a girl named Lauren. For the past two years, 12-year old Lauren and her family have been going to the beach. Every year Lauren sets her towel out and hides behind big sunglasses and watches Charlie her ultimate crush. This year though Lauren has made a plan for Charlie to first recognize her, and second ask her out.

The plan doesn't go exactly as Lauren expected when her mom tells her Chrissy Porter a girl from school is going with them. The thing is Lauren has told everyone that Charlie is already her boyfriend and if Chrissy finds out she lied she might tell everyone. Charlie, on the other hand, has talked to her for maybe 13 seconds and has no idea who she is. Lauren has no idea what the summer will hold but in the end, she will learn a valuable lesson.

I loved this book because it ends in a totally unexpected way. It is a clean book no cussing or dirty stuff and it's a cute story. If you read this book and think the ending should have been different comment and tell me.