Charmed Life Hannah's Bright Star by: Lisa Schroeder

Charmed Life Hannah's Bright Star

 by: Lisa Schroeder 

This book is the fourth book in Charmed Life. I did not read the three books before this and I should have. I was confused about some of the characters but I figured it out pretty quickly. Even though I didn't read the books before this one it was still a very good story. I hope you enjoy my review.

Hannah has always wanted a horse of her own. It's Christmas time and she just knows she is going to get one. When she finds her last present saying there is something special in the barn she can't believe she is really getting a horse. As she walks into the barn she expects to see a beautiful horse but instead, she finds a mule. She can't believe her eyes did her parents confuse a horse with a mule or was this FOREAL.

Her parents say he is very well trained and he can do anything a horse can do. Hannah's parents told her that they got Bartothamule for a very good price because the owners moved. Bart is his name for short and he is a very sweet animal her parents say. Hannah doesn't want Bart. She doesn't like his name, he is not a horse, and he is weird looking. She decides she wants nothing to do with Bart so she makes excuses not to care for him.

As the story progresses Hannah gives Bart a new name, she feeds him, brushes him, and talks to him. The only thing Hannah will not do is ride him. Essie a friend of Hannah's loves Bart and she convinces Hannah to ride him. Turns out she judged Bart instead of giving him a chance.

The moral message to this story is don't judge something if you haven't given it a chance. You may be familiar with the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" well it's the same in this story and in life. In this story, Hannah judges the mule instead of giving it a chance. In life, we judge people by the way they look on the outside instead of the inside, we judge houses by how small or how big they are, and we judge animals by how cute, small, or strong they are. Maybe it's time to give things a chance.

Thanks for reading. Love God and don't judge things without giving it a chance.