Every Last Word by: Tamara Ireland Stone

Every Last Word 

 By: Tamara Ireland Stone

 Reading level grade 3-5 Intrest level grade 9-12 

Have you ever felt like you had to hide a secret from your friends? In this story, a girl named Samantha has OCD but hasn't told any of her friends because she is afraid they will reject her and kick her out there group.
See Samantha and her friends are called The Crazy Eights and are the most popular group of girls in school. She doesn't want to risk being banished. Then she meets Caroline. Caroline is funny and nice and she gets Samantha. The thing is Caroline has no style and would not be approved by the Crazy Eights. Then Caroline shows Samantha a secret room called the poetry corner. This room changes Samantha's view of what her life could be like without the Crazy Eights. She meets people who understand what she is going through, she finds love with a cute guitar player, and she uncovers secrets no one would ever believe could be possible. This story focuses on finding where you fit in, finding yourself, and giving people chances.

I recommend this book to 13 and up because it's focused on teens. There is like 1 or 2 cuss words but other than that it's clean.


  1. AHHHH, this book is AMAZING!!! I love this book so much ;)

  2. I am so glad you liked it!! I was so surprised by the ending.


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