Flirt Right here Right Now by Nicole Clarke

Flirt Right here Right Now 
by: Nicole Clarke 

This was a good book it was very inspiring. I learned a lot about fashion, writing, friendship, and dream following. I had lots of fun reading this book and I hope you all enjoy my review. 

Melanie has always dreamed of being a writer. She carries a note pad everywhere she goes and is determined to make her mark on the world. Her only problem is she is 16 and her work can't be published unless she can get a job. That's when she finds out about Flirt magazine. It is the only publication that gives internships to girls her age. She doesn't think she will get in but Melanie applies for a summer internship. 

In a blink of time, Melanie gets accepted to flirt and is on a plane to New York. She knows that her work will have to be about fashion which she could care less about but she gets to work with magazine icon Josephine Bishop and live in an amazing all paid for loft. 

In New York, she meets Alexa, Olivia, and Kiyoko who are her roommates and are interns at flirt. All four girls hit it off and as the story continues they become very close friends. They roam the city together, they go bowling, they go out to eat and go to parties. Melanie really enjoys living in the loft but when she realizes that her caretaker's son also lives with them she likes it even more. Who knew a guy could be so cute. 

When Melanie starts working with Josephine she gets frustrated because Josephine won't take any of her ideas. Josephine wants Melanie to write what she is assigned to write. But what Josephine has assigned isn't worth writing about. Can Melanie make this internship work or will she end up quitting? 

These flirt books are actually a series but they are stand-alone. There are four books in the flirt series because there are four interns working at flirt. In this story, Melanie is a writer. In the other three books, those stories are about the girls and what they do at flirt. 

224pg/young adult/ clean/ fiction /fashion/1 book in series

I hope you enjoyed my review and will want to read the book. Comment below what you thought.