Crazy Day 

You all will never believe what happened to me yesterday. So my mom and my two brothers and I went walking. At first, I thought we were going to a park but it turns out my mom took us to a bridge. This bridge we walked on is 50ft high and almost a mile long. I was terrified. Talk about anxiety it was not fun at all. I stayed as far away from the fence where the water was as I could but I still felt nervous. My stomach was going crazy and I was getting a headache. It was also really loud because of all the cars passing by and it smelled bad. My mom and my two brothers loved the bridge and had a lot of fun. I am glad someone had fun.

After we got done walking the bridge my mom took us under the bridge. There was a place to walk and look at the water.  My mom wanted to get 2 miles in so we walked. When we got done walking my mom informs us she forgot to unpause her fitness app so we had to do it all over AGAIN!! I was not happy but I did it anyway. As we were walking I was simply talking to my mom when I felt something on my face and saw something smeared on my glasses. I thought it was a bug at first but when I took my glasses off I realized it was BIRD POOP. A BIRD POOPED ON ME!! I started to freak out and my mom turned around to see what was happening and started laughing. I was not laughing it was disgusting. I had it on my forehead, my eyebrow, my shirt, and my glasses. When we got back to the car I cleaned up and everything turned out okay in the end but it was still gross. I also faced one of my fears.

If you have ever been pooped on or done something terrifying comment below I would love to hear all about it.

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