Hey, it's me Glittergirl as you all know I'm adopted, I'm homeschooled, and I love reading. I was just going to share about my books on my blog but most people like to read about the blogger. So I'm going to start by telling you what's been happening in my life.

So right now I have been stuck inside my house for over six weeks due to the coronavirus. There is a sickness going around that is killing people and making the world crazy. The president has declared a state of emergency and all schools have been put online.

My two younger brothers are doing school online and at first, it was kinda weird having them around because I have been homeschooled for three years and I was used to the quiet but now I kinda like having them around. My mom has been finding fun activities for us to do and we have been learning how to find the chapters in our bible. I'm gonna be sad when they go back to public school cause it's been a lot of fun having them around.

So during this time of quarantine, I have been reading, watching TV,  sleeping, riding my bike, swimming, tanning, and hanging with family. I have been ready to just get out of the house and go places I'm ready to see some people. I do hope and pray that this coronavirus will end so we can have an awesome summer.

This summer I want to have fun. I want to hang out with kids my age and do things with the youth. I want to get a tan, have a sleepover, do VBS and go to the beach. The thing is I have one friend who lives an hour and a half away from me and we get along but we don't have much in common. At church, I have friends but they're not close to me there more like a hey I know you from church kinda friends. In the youth, everyone has there own group of friends.

The sad thing is one girl I have known since kindergarten doesn't talk to me and has changed a lot. I understand friends come and go but I don't make friends very easily and I was kinda sad when we stopped talking. I also want to do VBS. I have always loved VBS and when I was little I used to get so excited the week before it started. I am really hoping this summer I can do more things and be apart of more youth activities. Hopefully, the coronavirus goes away. Anyway thanks for reading.