Interference By:Kay Honeyman


By: Kay Honeyman 

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I have never in my life read anything that had to do with politics and it was amazing. I rate this book a 5/5 that's how good it is. If you're interested in romance, sports, politics, school, photography, and animal care this is the book for you.

Katie Hamilton is an only child whose dad is a congressman and whose mom wants her to look perfect all the time. When an accident sends Katie's family to red dirt Texas, Katie decides to lay low and stay out of trouble. She decides to get in some volunteer hours and take some pictures. She tells herself that she will stay away from boys and her father's next election. That staying away from boys doesn't go as planned. She is volunteering at her aunts animal shelter and Hunter Price who helps out is something to look at. Then there is star quarterback Kyle he is super popular and super cute but his father is campaigning against her dad. Then Katie meets Ana a shy petite girl who is afraid to speak up. She decides to play matchmaker and set Ana and Kyle up. She also does not stay away from politics. Katie tries to do the right thing and fix everything but sometimes some things can't be fixed.

A lot of things happen in this story that are very surprising. I loved every word of it though I mean this book is probably one of my top ten favorite books. I mean it was clean and there was no cussing and it was super good.

Let me know if you like this book as much as I do!! I would love to talk with you.