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Lazy day!!

I don't know what I was really going for with this outfit but it is super cute. I am like a very casual person and so a lot of my outfits are going to be on the casual size.

Anyway, so today this outfit is something I would wear like around the house or to school. So I started this outfit with overalls because I love overalls. I usually have to wear a very long shirt or sweater underneath these overalls because were they sit up on your waist they aren't tight. So I just picked a random sweater and it worked. For the shoes, nothing else matched so I went with these Birkenstocks. 
Now for the accessories!!! I love wearing scrunchies so I always put on scrunchies before I go out.  Scrunchies are great hair bows and super in right now. 
You always want to have a bag with you because it makes your outfit pop and you can hold all your belongings. I picked out a backpack cause I would wear this to school. 
I also added a really cute hairband because I loved it!!!!
If you like this outfit and have any suggestions please comment and tell me I would love to hear from you. :) 


  1. This outfit is so cute, I love the colour of the overalls x


    1. Thanks so much follow me for more fashion!!!

  2. Aw I love this outfit! Super cute and colour scheme is so pretty 🤍

    Emily M

    1. Thank you!!! Don't worry I am following you I love your blog!!

  3. Love the overalls!! So stylish and original!!!


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