My dog Toby


This is Toby and he is my baby. He is a chocolate miniature toy poodle and I think he is 7.  We got Toby about 5 years ago for my mom on Mother's Day. He was abused by the owners who had him before us and therefore he is sensitive about somethings but he is still super sweet.

 Toby loves wearing clothes as you can see in the pictures below he is wearing some of his Christmas pj's and his casual blue pj's. Sometimes if we try to take his clothes off of him he starts to growl that's how much he loves his clothes. He loves sitting on our kitchen bench. When my mom is on her computer Toby sits right behind her and when she gets up he gets up.

 Toby loves bike rides as you can see in the picture below he is sitting in my bike basket. If I ever say Toby you want to go for a ride he starts going crazy cause he is so excited. Sometimes when I just put my shoes on he thinks I am going outside to ride my bike. It's super funny and super cute.

The one thing Toby hates is when I  kiss him but I can't stop because he is so darn cute. I mean look at that face and that little freckle on his nose. I love him so much. 

Anyway just wanted to share my baby dog.


  1. Oh my, he's beautiful!! Such a little cutie. My dog loves wearing his clothes too and gets grumpy when you try to take them off sometimes as well x


    1. AWWW I want to see your dog!!! Isn't it funny how dogs love clothes. Haha it cracks me up. Also I will tell Toby you said he was beautiful.


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