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Casual Summer Outfit!!

 So today I wanted to share with you an outfit I created that is super cute!! I wanted to do a casual summer outfit cause summer is almost here!!

So first off I started by picking some bluejeans out. I made sure that they had holes in them because it is a summer outfit and holy jeans are really in right now. The shirt I picked is just a casual white shirt with a picture of a wave on it. I choose this shirt because it looked summery. It does not matter what kind of shirt you wear with bluejeans because everything goes with them. For the shoes, I choose some casual all-white Nike's shoes. 
For the hair, I wanted a natural kind of look. Short and curly worked for me, even though I am a long and curly kinda girl. 
After the outfit was complete I had to put in some accessories. Always remember to add accessories to your outfit because if you don't your outfit will look unfinished. Also always remember to carry a purse or a bag with you because it's cute and very handy. 

If you have any suggestions on this outfit let me know. I would love to hear what you have to say. 


  1. I love your little cookbook! It's so cute. I would totally wear it.

  2. Thank you!! I will check your blog out


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