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!!Pink Week!! 

So for today's post, I decided to go for a pink summer outfit.
Light pink crop top with blue jean shorts,  a stylish necktie, and wedged vans. All of this is in right now and it's so cute!!

The top is a light pink cotton crop top. It is perfect for a hot summer day and good for going out.
The blue jean shorts are light blue and have holes in them. The holes do not show anything so don't worry. These shorts could be worn and matched with anything. 

For the shoes, I picked out wedged vans. These shoes were perfect for this outfit because they matched and their great summer shoes. 

Accessories!! Gucci handbag, apple phone, necktie, and makeup.

As I have always said you always need a purse because it completes your whole outfit. I picked out this Gucci handbag because it's pink and matches the outfit. 

 This necktie makes the whole outfit pop. You always need something to pop in your outfit. This doesn't have to be a necktie though. You could use this as a hand band or a purse decoration. 

Makeup is always important to carry so you can reapply when needed. Or if you forgot to apply before you went out. 

I hope you fashionistas like this post. Comment below and give me some ideas on what my next outfit should look like.


  1. Cuteeee I love this outfit it is adorable!!!!


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