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Summer fashionista!!

It's finally summer vacation!! That means it's a tank top, shorts sleeves t-shirts, sandals, swimsuits, shorts, and sunglasses time.  I am so excited to be sharing this outfit today. I hope you fashionistas like it as much as I do.

Beach time!!
 Every summer my family and I go to the beach. You could say it's a summer tradition. We usually stay for a week just depends. I pack a lot of clothes because we always go out to eat at night and we have to look nice. You want to pack light-colored clothes because it makes your tan stand out. The shirt below you may be familiar with the brand vineyard vines. It is a very popular brand. It is a good choice for when you want to go to the beach because they always have cute designs and there almost always light-colored. Shorts are the same as the shirts they need to be light-colored. Be careful though sometimes light-colored shorts can be see-through.

I am a very modest person and I usually wear spandex and a very modest top when I go to the beach. Some people aren't like that though. Everyone has a different taste in swimsuits and that's okay. The swimsuit below is a one-piece with blue and white stripes. It is a perfect beach swimsuit because it is light-colored and super cute. 

Towels and Bags!!
When going down to the beach you want to always carry a bag with you. When my family and I go to the beach we carry lots of bags because we have a lot of people. We bring coolers for drinks and snacks, and our bags are full of all our belongings. Towels are always needed at the beach. Us girls need them for laying out. We also need them for drying off when getting out of the ocean or for just sitting on. 

My family loves to play games on the beach. We bring frisbees, footballs, volleyballs, and lots of other stuff. It's always good to bring some kind of game. Also, surfboards, boogie boards, floats, and life jackets are good to have too. 

I hope you all liked my post. I had a lot of fun writing it. I always love talking about the beach and fashion so this worked out perfectly.


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    1. Really that means a lot to me thank you :)

  2. I love the striped swimsuit, so cute! x


    1. I know!! I love stripes. When I go shopping I love looking for striped clothing. Thanks for commenting and I already follow you :)


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