The Next Boy Story by: Tiffany Schmidt

The Next Boy Story 

By: Tiffany Schmidt 

 The Next Boy Story is actually the second book in the Bookish Boyfriends series. I definitely recommend reading the first book because I made the mistake of not reading it. The stories are kinda stand alone but they use some of the same characters. This book was so good that from the very first page, I was drawn into the book. The funny thing is I had never read about an artist before.

In The Next Boy Story, a girl named Aurora is an amazing artist. She expresses her feelings through her artwork. Art is not the only thing she loves. She is in love with the boy next door Tobias. Thing is he's in love with her sister Merri. Aurora is a shy girl and people sometimes ask her why she isn't like her sister Merri. Merri is an attention seeker and a daredevil and Arona is a shy secretive person. Merri is dating someone else which means Aurora might have a chance with Tobias. She needs to get her GPA up or she might lose the chance to spend a week in New York city painting and learning from her idol. So Aurora asks Tobias if he could tutor her. Tobias never really thought of Aurora more than like a sister to him but the more time Tobias spends tutoring Aurora the more he feels for her. Maybe this could be Aurora's year. Get the guy she has always wanted, go to New York, stop living in her sister's shadow, and share her drawings with the world. It all seems like things are gonna work out until she makes a decision that could change everything.

I would recommend this book to ages 12 and up because it's super clean, has no words, and is super positive.