The Giver by: Lois Lowry

The Giver 

By: Lois Lowry 

Wow okay, so I had to read this book for school this year and let me tell you it was mind-blowing. I saw the movie before I had read the book so I knew what the storyline was about. I have never been a fan of dystopian fiction or science fiction but this book blew me away. I LOVED IT!!! I read it in less than a day and six months before my class was assigned to take a test on it.

The Giver to me is a very well written story. The Giver includes family, rules (lots of rules), growing up, life with no color, and authorities. Some really interesting things about The Giver is that everything is seen in black and white and the elderly make decisions that should be made by only one person. The community is designed to make peace and keep everything the same. There are arranged marriages, pickings of family's, ceremonies for 12-year-olds to pick a job for the rest of there lives. It's a crazy set up to me and personally, I would have never read this book if it wasn't assigned to me at school.

 Anyway in The Giver, Jonas is chosen to work with the giver. The giver is understood to be someone who translates memories from real life to a receiver which is now Jonas. Jonas has never experienced anything like this and is fascinated and terrified at the same time. As Jonas continues to work with the giver he sees things he never had imagined possible. Jonas learns many things from the giver and he wants everyone to experience what the giver has shown him. The thing is he is not permitted to share anything he has learned from the giver with anyone for it's against the rules. 

Then the giver shows Jonas what is really happening in their community and the whole story takes a spin. 

I rate this book a 4/5 because the ending was horrible. I was so disappointed I even read the next three books in series and it never said anything about it. It left me wondering what would have happened next.

 I would love to hear what you think would happen next if you want to comment I would love to chat. 


  1. I was supposed to read this book years ago when my friends got obsessed with the movie, but I never got around to it! I’m glad you enjoyed it- except for the ending 😜. Maybe I’ll have to try to pick this story up again! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Have you seen the movie? Also thank you so much for reading my post!!


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