Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn Volume 1 Book 3

Christy Miller Series by: Robin Jones Gunn
Yours Forever
Volume 1 book 3 

Personal Thoughts: The way Robin Jones Gunn has created the character Todd is so inspiring. In every one of the Christy Miller books, Todd is so strong and honest in his walk with the Lord. He has this way of taking life problems and matching them with stories in the bible. I feel I can really understand the meaning of life when I read what Todd says. Robin Jones Gunn has done a miraculous job with creating Todd's role in her books.

Book Review: It's Christmas time for Christy and her family and they are heading to Newport beach. They are staying with uncle Bob and aunt Marti until new years. Christy can't wait to see all her beach friends and spend time with Todd.

When Todd asks Christy if she wants to have breakfast on the beach Christy accepts. Breakfast didn't go as she had expected it to and it left Christy wondering where she and Todd stand in there relationship. Christy and some of her beach friends go out to eat and ice skate. Christy shares her feelings with her friend Heather about how Todd likes her one minute and then acts like a brat the next. Heather thinks that Christy should make Todd jealous but Christy doesn't feel right about doing so.

Without any intentions of doing so, Christy does make Todd jealous. She was skating with Doug, Todds best friend and it meant nothing to her. Doug and Christy were a good ice skating match and that's why she agreed to skate with him. Doug was nothing but sweet to Christy but some of her friends took his niceness the wrong way. Now Todd and her friends are mad at her and she only has a few days to fix everything.

When she explains to Todd about what happened the night at the ice rink Todd understands and goes back to his old self. On the night of new years, Christy receives her answer about were she and todd stand in their relationship. Todd gives her a gold ID bracelet that says forever on it. Todd promises to Christy that he will forever be her closest friend.

Book Thoughts: This was a very good book hands down. I had a lot of fun reading this book and hope you all consider reading it to. This is the last book in volume 1. If you have any comments please share them in the comments below.

Book Rating: 5/5
Book Pages: 148
Age Thoughts: 13 and up
Language: Clean 
Romance: Clean 

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