Christy Miller Series Robin Jones Gunn Volume 1 First Book

Christy Miller Series #1 Volume 1
Summer Promise by Robin Jones Gunn 

Personal thoughts 

I got Summer Promise at a thrift store where I live. It took me a while to get around to reading it because I had bought several other books. When I finally got to Summer Promise I wasn't expecting it to be so good. I also wasn't expecting there to be so many books after it. Since there were so many books after the first I decided it was better to read something else so I didn't give it another thought. 

Then about a month or two later I found two book sets that were by the same author and about the same characters. The sets consist of three books in one. The only problem was the books were 4-6 and 10-12 in the series. I waited to read them because I hoped to find another book set but never found anymore.

I finally gave up and read the fourth, fifth, and sixth books. I was confused about some things but I tried to figure it out as best I could. After I read all three of those books I decided to read the others, not a good idea. I was very confused and a bit upset. That's when Christmas came around and I asked for the missing book sets. When I got them I started reading the book and every book after it. I loved Robin Jones Gunn's books so much that I would look for her name every time I went to a thrift store.

Book Review 

In this story, a 14-year-old girl named Christy Miller is sent to live with her wealthy aunt and uncle in Newport California. There she will face many challenges, make big decisions, find love, make life long friends, and find God. 

At the beginning of the story, things are tough for Christy. She hates on her appearance and struggles with fitting in. Her aunt Marti does everything in her power to help Christy feel better about herself. She buys Christy all new clothes, brings her to get her hair cut, has someone put make-up on her face, and gives Christy some advice on making friends. 

Christy likes her new look and feels more confident in herself. At the beach, she meets Alissa a very pretty girl who draws the attention of all the boys. Christy is jealous of Alissa but can she stay jealous when Alissa turns out to be nothing but sweet. 

After trying to body surf and failing miserably she meets Todd. The cutest boy she has ever laid eyes on. Todd isn't like all the other boys and Christy admires him for that. When she is around him he makes her really think about life and what it means. He also has this whole group of friends who are Christians and Christy enjoys spending time with the group.

 The summer is looking very promising for Christy but it's not over yet. There are still many obstacles ahead. 

Book thoughts

When writing this review I wanted so badly to tell all the best parts in the story but I didn't want to spoil anything. In the story, there were parts that really made me think. There were many things in the story that I could relate to and have struggled with in the past. There are also parts in the story that made me want to draw closer to God. The way Robin Jones Gunn shares the word of God through her book characters is truly amazing. Thank you Robin Jones Gunn for writing this book. 

Book Rating: 5/5
Book Pages: 161
Age Thoughts: 13 and up
Language: Clean
Romance: Clean 
Drugs and Alcohol: Yes  


I hope you enjoyed reading this book review post. The second book in the series is coming very soon. Comment and talk to me I would love to hear from you book lovers. 

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