Christy Miller Volume 1 Book 2

Christy Miller Series #2 Volume 1 
A Whisper and a Wish by Robin Jones Gunn 

Personal thoughts

This book opened my eyes a bit and made me think about true friends. I have always struggled with making friends and fitting in so this book was good for me. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find Summer Promise. These books have helped me in ways I can't describe. I'm so thankful Robin Jones Gunn wrote these books.

Book Review

Christy is now in her sophomore year of high school and many changes have happened since last summer. Her parents have sold their farm in Wisconsin and are now living in a rented house in California. They live an hour and half away from her aunt and uncle's beach house in Newport California and that's where all her beach friends are. Christy not only has to go to a new school but she now has to make all new friends.

Starting school knowing no one is tough but when she meets Britney, a popular girl, things start to look promising. Christy is instantly included in Britney's friend group and has already been invited to a sleepover with all the girls.

When Christy starts sneaking around and not telling her parents where she is going things get rough for Christy.

Is hanging with these girls a smart idea? Does she need to be apart of the popular group to fit in? Read the book to find out.

Book thoughts 

I think reading this book gave me a good picture of what peer pressure can be like. It's hard finding good friends who care about you and your feelings. I have yet to find my life long friend but I'm not giving up. God has given each of us each a friend in the world who we can share all of our feelings with. You may have already found that person but if not be patient and trust in God's perfect timing. 

Book Rating: 5/5 
Book Pages: 157
Age Thoughts: 13 and up
Language: Clean 
Romance: Clean 
Talk about anorexia 
some drugs stolen. 


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