Christy Miller Volume 2 by Robin Jones Gunn Book 4

Christy Miller Volume 2 book 4 

Surprise Endings by: Robin Jones Gunn

Personal Thoughts: I don't know how Robin Jones Gunn does it. She amazes me with her writing. It's almost as if she knows what I need to hear. A lot of what Christy struggles with I have struggled or am struggling with. I love reading her books when I am upset or just need a break from the world. Thank you for writing these books Robin Jones Gunn.

Book Review: Still in her Sophmore year of High School Christy has decided to try out for cheerleading squad. She thinks she has a good chance of making the team but does she really want to be on a team with girls who are mean. During all there practices, Christy gives it her ultimate best every time. The cheer squad, however, thinks she is stuck up and trying to get Rick's attention. Rick is the cutest boy in school and he is interested in Christy but Christy can't date until she is 16. 

Prom is coming up and Christy wants to go with Todd. She is waiting for him to ask her but when he tells her that he is going with someone else she is crushed. That's when Rick asks her. She wants so badly to go but her parents won't allow her. Why are her parents so strict? 

Christy has made the cheerleading squad!! She is happy she made the team but she thinks someone else should have the spot. She doesn't want to be on the team as much as the other girl does. She gives up her spot and feels content with her decision. 

Book Thoughts: I have read a couple of books about prom and I have not been very happy with how the stories turned out to be. People think prom is about getting drunk, making out, and sleeping with one another. In this book, Robin Jones Gunn doesn't include any of those awful things. This story is clean and fun to read. I am happy to have enjoyed another one of Robin Jones Gunn's stories. 

Book Rating: 5/5
Book Pages: 153
Age Thoughts: 13 and up
Language: Clean 
Romance: Clean 



  1. I love this book series one of my all time favorites. I love your work please don’t stop writing.


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