Everything Everything by: Nicola Yoon

Everything Everything 

by: Nicola Yoon 

This book is about a 17-year-old girl named Maddy who is sick. She has combined immunodeficiency and she is not allowed to go out of her house or see people. Maddy has to be very careful not to touch anything that has not been sanitized and she has to be careful about what she eats. Her mom and her nurse Carla are the only two people she sees. Her brother and her dad have passed away and there are no neighbors around. Maddy is homeschooled and she spends a lot of her time reading books, watching TV, and playing games with her mom. 

Then one day a family moves into the house next door from hers. That's when she sees him. Olly the boy who flips on walls and wears all black. She watches him and his family through her window. She knows there schedule and their problems. As time goes by she and Olly exchange emails and he starts to visit on a regular basis. Carla has been giving Olly the okay to come over and visit with Maddy as long as there is no touching. Maddy's mom is not aware of Olly's visits and when she finds out that Carla is behind all of this she fires Carla.

Maddy who has decided she wants to be free and see the world sneaks away to Hawaii with Olly. She wants to feel the sun on her face and the sand in her toes. Olly is not okay with this but when Maddy tells him that she is taking a new medicine he agrees to go with her. She knows she is risking her life taking this trip but she wants to go. They arrive in Hawaii and everything is perfect. They go to the beach, swim, and watch the sunset together. Then the next day Maddy has to be taken to the hospital. The doctors have news that will change Maddy's life forever. 

Will she live? Will she die? Read the book to find out.

I didn't like the book. I thought that this book was going to be great and that's why I read it but it wasn't. I had to skip over some parts of the story because I felt uncomfortable. There was a teen girl in the story who had smoking problems. There was abuse, alcohol, smoking, some profanity, and sex before marriage included in this story. I was disappointed in this book because I was really hoping I would like it.
I recommend this book for older teens like 17 and up.