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Gods Beautiful Creations 

I have been going to a lot of parks lately and I have been in awe at how beautiful this earth is. All the trees, the animals, the buildings, the bridges, and much more. It's funny sometimes when I look at the pictures my mom or I take I see things in the pictures I didn't see before. That's the wonderful thing about pictures. I have really enjoyed walking in parks and seeing all the beautiful things God has created.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and always know God loves you. :)

The first picture is of me staring out into the water. This park was very beautiful I loved walking along the water and looking at the view. My favorite part about this picture is the clouds. I love how clouds make the sky pop. It's almost as if God paints them in the sky. I hope you enjoy this picture comment down below and tell me what your favorite thing about this picture is.

This picture was taken at a different park and on a different day. This bridge is called the Railroad bridge and it is super fun to walk on. I have been on this bridge twice now and I haven't been disappointed. The view when walking on this bridge is breathtakingly beautiful. My favorite part of this picture is the bridge because in this picture you can see the railroad tracks. I hope you enjoy my picture comment below and tell me what your favorite part of this picture is.

This picture I took because I thought it was a pretty view of the water. At this park, you can have a picnic and feed geese. My favorite part about this picture is the water because it is beautiful and calming. Funny how God can make water so beautiful. Comment down below what your favorite part of this picture is.

Turtles I love turtles. We saw tons of turtles at this park it was such fun. There was this one turtle though that was super big and would pop his head up and down out of the water. I wonder if it's too late to name him. What do you all think? Comment down below if you think it's too late to name him or if I should name him. Also, give me some cute names.

Geese!! These are the geese I was telling you about in the other picture. You can feed the geese. While I was walking I noticed that some of the geese were sitting by people who had food it was funny. In this picture, I saw a whole family of geese and I thought they were cute. Look at the babies. I wonder how God comes up with all these amazing ideas. Like a goose and a turtle, it all amazes me.

This is one of my favorite pictures so far. This picture I took. I was not expecting it to look as good as it does because my phone camera is not that good but it is amazing. The clouds are magnificent and so perfect. I was actually taking a picture of the bridge but I got more of the clouds than I did the bridge but that's okay. The clouds make it look so alive and joyful. I don't know how God does it all t I have to say he is an amazing father and an even better creater. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Comment below.


  1. 𝕐𝕠𝕦 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕀𝕠 π•£π•šπ•˜π•™π•₯ 𝔾𝕠𝕕 π•šπ•€ 𝕀𝕠 π•’π•žπ•’π•«π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜πŸ₯°

  2. I love this post you are such an inspiration.


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