I'm back

I'm back 

Hey I'm back! Funny thing I got a new computer today. Turns out my older brother had bought a computer and was planning on reselling it but never got around to doing so. I use a computer for my school work because I am home-schooled so I had a pretty accurate reason for getting a new one. I also really like blogging. He sold it to my mom for 25 dollars which to me is a very good deal. Anyway I wanted to let everyone know that I am back. I also have some really great post coming soon. Can't wait!! Also thank you to my nine followers you are all amazing writers and great friends. I appreciate all your support and kindness.

Thank you to Jenna, Itsjustannaprather, Francine Mae Dela Paz, Isabella Kate, Emily M, Arya D, Jayati Gupta, and Anna Nicholson.

Please comment below I would love to make new friends and take any suggestions you might have for me! You can also email me at dglittergirl7@gmail.com. 
This is my new computer!


  1. Can't wait for your new post! That's a really nice computer! 💗

    1. Thanks Francine and yes I think you are really going to enjoy my next post.


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