Avocado Stuff

Avocado Stuff

Hey Flutterflies so today I want to share some avocado stuff. I am obsessed with avocados! I can't wait for you all to see the stuff I want. I was supposed to do a book review today but I decided to do this instead.

 #1. Okay first off this sweatshirt is super cute already but then you add the avocado to it and it's like bam adorable! Like avo-cardio haha that's so funny. Comment down below if this is your favorite!

#2. This is a basic sweatshirt but it's still super cute! I love the green. I have green eyes so I think that this shirt would definitely bring out my eyes. Funny story I have maybe one green t-shirt in my closet and one day I decided to wear it just around the house and when I looked into the mirror my eyes were super green. Ever since I have wanted to get more green shirts. I also love the avocado logo! Comment if this is your favorite!

#3. Haha this t-shirt makes me laugh every time I look at it! It's an avocado doing yoga. That is hilarious. I love this shirt! If this shirt is your favorite comment down below!

#5. I like this shirt because it's very basic and I am very casual person. I could wear this with blue jean shorts, some Birkenstocks, and maybe a hat. Comment below if this is your favorite!

#6.I love changing out my phone case and an avocado design would be so cute. I have several other phone cases but if you like this the best comment!!

#7.I love this phone case because it has avocados of course and it's glittery. Also when you move the case the glitter slides. Super cute I thought. Is this your favorite? Comment if it is!

#8. I love popsockets and right now I don't have one so I thought that this would be a cute one to get. 

#9. My phone dies a lot and I thought I wanted to get a portable charger but my mom thinks I should get a Mophie case. Comment!

#10. This is an avocado beach towel. It is so cute! Haha I would love a towel like this. Comment!

#11. This is such a cute hat like adorable. I love hats right now because I go to lots of ball fields and I go on hiking trails. Comment!

#12. Scrunchies!! I love scrunchies! Look at this cute avocado style. Comment!!!

I hope you like this post! Comment! I really want to hear from you all!

Flutter away towards your dreams!!!!!



  2. Umm those are all soooooo cute!! I like the tees which say: avocado, lemon. Super simple and definitely something I'd wear!! I also LOVE scrunchies💖

    1. I know I love scrunchies there such good hair accessories. Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it!!!!


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