Beach outfits

Beach Outfit

Hey Flutterflies! Today I am going to share with you all a cute beach outfit. I was originally going to put more outfits but I didn’t style but one. Anyways today I’m sharing with you all this cute outfit! I hope you all like it. Comment down below if you think I should bring this outfit to the beach or not!!!!!! 

This shirt I thought would look good at the beach because of it’s color. The light blue and white pattern is a common color worn at the beach.  The straps can be adjusted to suit your shoulder size and it’s a nice and cool top for hot summer days. 

The shorts are solid white blue jean shorts and they have an adjustable waist. I usually wear kids shorts because I like the adjustable waist but I can sometimes find a pair in the women’s section. I love these shorts because they are super stretchy and comfortable. 

For the shoes I am wearing a pair of navy blue slip on’s. They aren’t as comfortable as I thought they would be. The navy blue strap across the shoe hurts when you walk. I like these shoes but I can’t wear them for very long or the top of my feet start to hurt. 

For my hair I left it down. My hair is naturally curly and all I have to do is wet it and it curls.  

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to hear from all my Flutterflies in the comments.  I’m going to end this post a little differently today. I have decided that asking a simple question would help my Flutterflies to want to comment. 

So for today’s question I want to ask my Flutterflies what you would rate my blog? 1/10 how much do you enjoy reading my blog?