Caleb+Kate Cindy Martinusen- Coloma

Caleb+Kate Cindy Martinusen- Coloma 

Hey Flutterflies so I have recently finished a really good book that I am going to be reviewing today. It's kinda like Romeo and Juliet but they don't die in the end. This is a good clean novel and some of the characters are Christians. I love reading books that have Christian characters because I know nothing inappropriate will occur. I hope you all enjoy this review. 

Kate Monrovi is a rich high school girl whose dad owns a five star hotel. She is popular at her private school and she gets whatever she wants whenever she wants it. The thing about Kate is she feels lonely. She has everything but she is bored with life. Then she meets Caleb Kalani a new student. He stands out like a sore thumb at school and he and his father work for Kate's dad. 

Caleb knows better than to get close to Kate. Not only is she the bosses daughter but she is a Monrovi. The two families have some issues and Caleb knows he shouldn't be around Kate but not only is she his school escort but he also can't make himself stay away from her. 

Kate likes Caleb and wants to spend time with him but he is avoiding her and she can't figure out why. Kate hasn't a clue about the two families issues but soon finds out when her father makes a big scene about Caleb coming over to study. Kate doesn't care about the family issues she cares about Caleb. 

Caleb had no idea Kate didn't know about the family issues. It still doesn't matter if she knows or not he can't get close to her or his whole future will go up in flames. Why can't he make himself stay away from her? Why does Kate make him feel free and happy? Is this the girl God has for him? Can they be together without hurting their families? 

Read the book to find out ;)

Book Rating: 4.5/5 
Book Pages: 276 
Age: 13 and up 
Language: Clean 
Romance: Clean & Sweet 
Religious: Yes 



  1. This sounded like an interesting book. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Of course I hope you enjoy reading it if you decide to get it!!


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