Christy Miller Volume 2 book 5

Island Dreamer #5
by: Robin Jones Gunn

Personal Thoughts: I learned a lot about not trying to force someone into being a christian. I have always been the kind of person who will stop at nothing to try and help someone especially non believers. I want so badly for everyone to know the Lord like I do but sometimes I go to far and scare people off. In this story Robin Jones Gunn explains that forcing someone into believing something that they have no interest in is not the way to handle things. Waiting on God's perfect timing and letting him handle things is the way to go. Thank you to Robin Jones Gunn who has changed many lives through her writing.

Book Review: Christy's sixteenth Birthday is coming up and she is so exited to be spending it with her best friend Paula. Paula is Christy's best friend from Wisconsin and she is staying with Christy and her family for 2 weeks.

Todd and Christy's uncle Bob are going to miss her Birthday because they are headed out to Maui to work on a rental house. Christy is very disappointed that Todd isn't going to spend her Birthday with her but Todd seems fine with the idea. Christy is confused and hurt by Todd's reaction to him missing her Birthday but when some news from her Aunt Marti explains Todd's reaction she isn't upset at all.

Christy is headed to Maui. Her Aunt Marti has invited her whole family along with Paula to Maui. The two girls are so exited and start packing immediately. Soon Christy's family and Paula are on a flight to Maui. As they fly Christy learns a lot about Paula including her still not being a christian. Christy has tried to write to Paula about her faith and love towards God but Paula has not been very interested in that topic. When Christy tries to talk to Paula face to face about Christ Paula changes the subject. Christy want's to help Paula but doesn't know how.

Christy tries to get along with Paula but when Paula stops at nothing to get Todd's attention she get angry and jealous. Can Christy accept Paula for who she is and let God handle her or will things between the two friends never be resolved?

Book Thoughts: This book was by far the best story in volume 2. There are lots of cute moments between Christy and Todd that will make you smile and laugh. There are times that will make you think about life. This story is very well written and it taught me a lot about being patient and trusting in God's perfect timing.

Book rating: 5/5
Book pages:160
Age thoughts: 13 and up
Language: clean
Romance: clean