Courting Her Secret Heart by: Mary Davis

Courting Her Secret Heart by: Mary Davis 

This book review is about an Amish story I have recently finished reading. I thought I would start posting book reviews about Amish books. I love reading about the Amish and I have many books about them. I hope you all enjoy reading this post.

Book Review: Deborah Miller lives in the Amish community with her seven sisters and her parents. She is the middle child in the family and doesn't get noticed much. She can leave the house for hours at a time and her family doesn't realize her disappearance. When Deborah takes a long walk and stumbles upon a photo shoot she is asked by a photographer if she could model for him. Pictures are forbidden in the Amish community and Deborah could be shunned if anyone found out. No one ever pays attention to Deborah so this could be her chance to get noticed.

Deborah dresses in english clothes and starts modeling for the englishers in town. No Amish person will know who she is because she is dressing in english clothes and wearing makeup. She makes a promise to herself that if she meets a guy that she will be willing to mary she will quit modeling.

Amos Burkholder is having family problems at home. Being the youngest of three boys is tough because everyone treats him like a child. Amos is ready to get away from his family and find himself even if that means leaving the Amish community. When news from the Bishop states that Bartholomew Miller has taken a fall. Amos is asked to tend to the farm until further notice. This is his chance to make up his mind and figure out what he wants to do.

Deborah Miller never expected her father to have fallen and broken his shoulder and leg. She also never expected Amos Burkholder to be so protective over her. No one has ever wanted to know where she goes during the day and Amos is really getting on her nerves asking so many questions. Not only is he living in the barn he keeps a close eye on her alot.

Amos Burkholder has felt compelled to look after all the Miller women and keep each of them from danger while Bartholomew heals. He is continually keeping an eye on Deborah Miller because she sticks out the most and wonders off for hours at a time. Amos is also worried about the Miller's mother. Does she always forget where she is? Why does she call him David? Does she even know Deborah leaves and doesn't come back for hours?

As the story progresses Deborah and Amos draw close together but neither one knows that they're  both keeping secrets. Will sharing their secrets with one another change everything between them or will it make them closer? Read the book to find out.

Book Rating : 5/5
Book Pages: 364
Age Thoughts: Any Age 
Language: Very clean & some Pennsylvania Dutch 
Romance: clean & sweet 


  1. Looks interesting...I'll have to check it out!

    1. It's a really interesting book. If you like reading about the Amish I have tons of other Amish books that I would gladly share with you.


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