Don't Die My Love Lurlene McDaniel

Don't Die My Love 

By: Lurlene McDaniel 

*Warning: This is a very emotional book. If you don't like sad stories do not read!

Personal Thoughts: Lurlene McDaniel has always been one of my favorite authors because I learn something new every time I read her work. Her stories are so realistic that it's almost as if it actually happens. I love how true her words are and how beautiful her story lines are written. She has this way of making your stomach flip, your heart swell, your fingers tingle, and your head spin with emotions. I recommend her books to those who like to learn new things, who are prepared to cry, who are interested in medical books, and who like romance and drama.

Book Review: This book is definitely one that brings out emotions. I was bawling, laughing, and smiling while reading this book. Luke and Julie are two high-school students who are deeply in love with one another. Luke who is the star quarterback and Julie who is a straight A student have always been inseparable. Where ever one goes the other follows.

 Luke who has yet to overcome a virus has Julie worried. He has big sores around his lips and he has mentioned having bed sweats during the night. When Julie insist Luke go to the doctor and get checked out he promises he will soon.

The doctor checks Luke out and finds some clogged blood cells in his neck. Luke is then told he needs to travel to another doctor. He is rushed to another hospital and informed he has cancer. Julie is confused and heartbroken for Luke. She stays with Luke through all of his appointments and spends all her free time at the hospital.

When Luke begins to get better and is said to be in remission Julie is sure he is healed. He is back home, going to school, and has been following his normal routine. Julies Mom has been pressuring Julie to send out college applications but Julie refuses to do so. She wants to wait and see which colleges recruit Luke first and if Luke is going to be all better.

Life starts to look promising for Luke he has started playing football again and his last checkup was good. Is Luke finally done with cancer? Is he finally going to be normal? Will he and Julie be together forever? Read the book to find out!

Book Pages: 250
Book Rating: 3/5
Age Thoughts: 13 and up 
Language: Clean
Romance: Clean 


  1. Hey! It's so nice to meet you! I read this book in the past and I loved it so much! It has such a good plotline! I'd love for you to subscribe to my blog as well @!

    1. I think I have already because I liked it so much your blog of course. Yeah the book was good but sad wasn't expecting it to be so sad.

  2. I love a book that has you feeling every emotion possible. It sounds like a really great author x



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