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Hey everyone I am so sorry I haven't been posting. Life gets in the way and sometimes you just can't do the things you want to. Anyway I have lots of post coming in and I can't wait to share them all. For this post I am extra excited because I am sharing something I have been interested in for awhile.

Amish are simple people who live very different than we do. They are a community that is run by a bishop. A bishop is basically like a mayor but much stricter. They speak Pennsylvania dutch, they wear simple clothes, they live for Christ, they don't use electricity, horse and buggy is how they get around, and they bath once a week. I am going to put pictures up and explain them so you can better understand how they live.

Old Order Mennonite & Amish women wear simple clothing harking ...
Women in the Amish community are very different from women in the modern century. They wear dresses that they sew themselves and bonnets that cover their heads. Every women in the Amish community wear plain and simple clothes because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. The Amish follow the Ordnung which is a set of rules past down from generation to generation. Women do not have the same rights as women in the modern century. They can't be a Bishop, they can't do men's work, and they can't speak their minds. The funny thing is they are okay with not being able to do what the men do. They can however work in a bakery.

Amish women work inside. They cook, clean, care for children, and sew. They grow gardens and use the food for their meals. Women wear bonnets to cover their heads and there hair. They put their hair in a bun and cover it with a bonnet. Women are not permitted to cut or show all of their hair. Their  dresses are long and plain and they wear an apron around their waste and black boots.

Norms & Sanctions - The Amish Subculture
Amish men have many duties. They work on the farm using non electrical equipment, they care for the barn animals, they teach their kids about Christ, they make community decisions, and care for their family. Men wear suspenders, long pants, long sleeve shirts, and hats. Their hair can be cut but it has to be cut the same as everyone else's in the community. When men are signal they shave their faces. This is a way of letting Amish women know they are not married. When men are married they are not permitted to shave their beards. They do however shave their mustaches.

Amish or Mennonite…What's the Diff? – Author Kim Vogel Sawyer
Amish families are usually very large. Most Amish families have over nine children. Their houses are all the same in color but not in shape or size. The more people that live in a house the bigger the house is. They bathe once or twice a week in a big wash tub. Starting from the oldest to the youngest each person uses the same water and they take turns washing themselves. By the time the youngest ones turn comes around the water is cold and dirty. During the summer they walk around barefooted because there shoes are hot and uncomfortable. That's why there are kids in the picture above without shoes.

When an Amish couple gets old they are needed to be cared for. They pick one of their children to live in their house. The child's family moves into the house and they add on a small living area for their parents. The space added on to the house is called the dawdi haus.

PA, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Old Order Amish House, Kitchen ...
This is a typical Amish kitchen.They use a wood burning stove for cooking and heating the house during the winter time. The table is set up for the women to sit on one side and the men to sit on the other. The father however sits at the end of the table. Before eating the father prays and once he is done serving his plate and praying the family digs in.

Coronavirus threat closes Amish schools, but weddings, church go ...
Every sunday the community has church at different houses in the community. During the winter they hold church inside and move all the furniture. During the summer time they hold church service outside. They spend more than three hours singing songs and listening to the Bishop preach. The men and women sit on opposite sides of one another on hard wooden benches with no back. After church  service is finished they eat a big lunch. The women of the community make all kinds of food and the people of the community eat and socialize with one another.

Amish Teens | While my fiance and I were photographing cover… | Flickr
For the teens in the Amish community when they turn 16 their Rumschpringe happens. A Rumschpringe is a running around time for teens. Not all Amish communities allow their teens to have Rumschpringe but those who do allow them to have it the Amish teens get to experience the englishers way. They can wear english clothes, drive cars, have cell phones, wear makeup, drink, smoke, party, and do lots of other english things. During a teens Rumschpringe they have a choice as to whether they want to be baptized into the church or leave the community and become english. If a teen chooses to remain Amish and be baptized then they are not permitted to leave or be involved with any english. If an Amish person who is baptized breaks their promise to not get involved with  the english they will be shunned. When a person is shunned they have the option to confess their sins in front of the whole community. If a person confesses their sins they will not be shunned anymore. If a teen decides to become english during their Rumschpringe they will not be shunned because they have not been baptized into the church.

Amish teenagers playing volleyball in PA, note the bonnet ties and ...
Amish like to play sports especially volleyball. Most of the games played are during a gathering time. They might play after a church service or at a singing. A singing is when teens come together play games, sing songs, eat food, worship God, socialize, and find a courting mate. This is where Amish people can come together, be competitive, and have fun.

Amish Horse Buggy and Farm Photograph by Frozen in Time Fine ...

Amish transport and travel to their destination using a horse and buggy. Amish buggies come in all different shapes and sizes. The buggy shown in the picture above is an in closed buggy. Typically an in closed buggy is used when it is cold outside. Larger buggies that are open and have lots of seating are used for bigger Amish families. There are wood transportation buggies, courting buggies, Single seater buggies, and many other types of buggies.

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Courting is when an Amish man and women are seeing one another. Most courtings are done after a church singing. The men will ask the women of their choice if they can drive them home. Amish men and women are not permitted to kiss until their wedding day but most of the books I read they don't wait. Amish men and women do not share who they are courting. They court secretly until they are promised to be married. After they tell the bishop and their families they hold a big wedding. The whole community comes out and the women bring loads of food.

Thanks for reading this post I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. If you like this post and would like to learn more about the Amish please comment down below. I will answer any questions you might have as well. Don't be afraid to ask.

Here is some pictures and Amish words.

ab im kopp: off in the head crazy
ach: oh
aenti: aunt
appeditlich: delicious
Ausbund: amish hymnal
ausleger: undertaker
bauch: stomach
boppli, bopplin: baby, babies
bruder: brother
daadi, grossdaadi: grandfather
daed: dad
danki: thank you

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