My Bucket List

Hey Flutterflies!!! Yep that's what I am going to call you all. Today I am going to be sharing my bucket list. I am so excited!!! Anyway let's get started I have tons to share. Also do ya'll like my bucket list picture above I designed it.

1. I want to hold a sloth. I have always thought holding a sloth would be awesome. They are so cute and slow.

2. I want to adopt a dog I have always wanted. I want to adopt a very very cute pup!!

3.Touch a cloud. I have always wondered what it would feel like to touch a cloud. Will it be soft?

4. Ride a two seater bicycle. A two seater bicycle is so fun looking and I think I would really enjoy riding it.

5. I want to fly in an airplane. I have never flown if you can believe it. I have always wanted to but haven't gotten the chance yet.

6. Get an awesome summer job! Having a job would be so fun especially if it's an awesome one like being a lifeguard.

7. Have a best friend. I have never had a best friend and I think it would be a lot of fun having one.

8. Have a week long sleepover with my best friend. I love sleepovers but to have a sleepover I would have to have a best friend haha.

9. Go on a girls vacation. Wouldn't it be awesome to go on vacation with only girls NO BOYS ALLOWED HAHA!! Hanging with your friends and having a blast!

10. Own every flavor of EOS lip balms. I love EOS lip balms there so cute and great for carrying in a purse.

11. Ride a horse. I love horses and I really want to ride one. I think I would love it!!!

12. Solve a rubix cube. Those things are so confusing and I have no idea how any body solves them. Also isn't it crazy how fast some people can solve it. Blows my mind but I want to try.

13. Zip line. I want to ride on a zip line those are so cool. Like I want to ride one so bad.

14. Learn how to drive. I want to learn how to drive but I am nervous.

15. Create a memory box and open years later. I have always loved the idea of doing something like that. Sounds so fun!

16. Find a four leaf clover. I have tried hard to find a four leaf clover but never been lucky enough to do so.

17. Grow closer to God. I feel I need to do more with my walk with the Lord.

18. Lead someone to Christ. It would be amazing to lead someone to Christ.

19.  Have a food fight. Watching movies that have food fights in them is accelerating and fun to watch. I wonder what it would be like in real life.

20. Have a paint fight. My sister has been in a paint fight and so I want to be.

21. Have my first kiss. I have always wondered how I would feel after having my first kiss.

22. Get a boyfriend. Wonder what having a boyfriend is like?

23. Be asked to the prom by an amazing guy. I want to get dressed up and have fun with an awesome guy.

24. Kiss someone I love on New Years. Sounds so fun!!

25. Be shut up with a kiss. Haha I have no idea why I am sharing this.

27. Jump in a pool fully clothed. I want to try it.

28. Learn sign language. I want to be able to communicate with deaf people.

29. Kiss a boy under a mistletoe. That would be a great Christmas experience.

30. Tell little kids about Jesus. Telling kids about Christ at a young age is good.

31.Have a Christian boyfriend. I want a Christian boyfriend so I can go to Church with him and so I know he will respect me.

32. Have a walk in Closet. Sounds fashion tastic!!

33. Read the entire Bible. That would be a great accomplishment

34. Go on a missionary trip. I want to travel the world and share the word of Christ.

35.  Learn how to surf. I love watching surf movies and seeing how free the people look.

36.  Swim with dolphins. Funnnnn!!! That's all I can say is FUNNNNNN!!!

37. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back. Like a prank call but a prank mail.

38. Buy a homeless person a full meal. I have always wanted to do that.

39. Grow my hair really long!!! I just love long hair so much.

40. Visit New York. I wanna see the statue of liberty.

41. Find my secret spot. I want to find a place that's secretly all mine.

42. Get a tan tattoo. Just want one no explanation.

43.Carve my initials in a tree with my lover. It's so romantic sounding.

44. Fly first class. Wonder what  it's like. Royalty?

45. Be proposed to by my true lover. 

46.  Get married. Can't wait to plan my own wedding

47. Wear my dream wedding dress. AWW princess feeling so amazing.

48. Have my whole family at my wedding. I want my dad to walk me down the aisle and everyone I love to be there.

49. Have a baby and adopt a baby.

50. Actually do everything on my bucket list. Hahaha

I hope you all enjoyed my 50 bucket list things. What does everyone think. Also which one would you want to put on your bucket list if you have not already. Comment down below I want to know all my flutterfly readers top pick.

Have a great day and flutterfly away towards your dreams.


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