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Fashion post

Hey everyone!! It's fashion time again. I hope you weren't to bored with my last post about the Amish. Today I am sharing an outfit I put together with some of my new clothes. I am so excited to be sharing these outfits because I love fashion and enjoy expressing myself through my clothes. Don't worry I am still making fashion collages just haven't gotten around to creating any new ones. I thought I would give modeling my own outfits a chance. Comment and tell me if you like my collages or my personal outfits best. It would be very helpful to know so I can plan in advance to do either a collage or my own outfits or maybe even a little bit of both. 

So this outfit is my favorite out of all the outfits I am going to share. I am more of a casual kind of person and I love wearing blue jeans. In the picture above I am wearing high waisted jeans that I rolled up at the bottom, a grey crop top, and some slip ons.

I love wearing high waisted jeans with crop tops because I don't always have to wear a tank top underneath it. I also like high waisted jeans because I don't have to worry about my undergarments showing. Most of the time I roll my jeans because it's cute and I have short legs.

For this crop top I have never had anything like it before. It's kinda like a turtle neck but not at the same time. I know that probably makes no sense but you can tell in the picture above what I'm trying to say. I love tucking my shirts in just a bit in the front because it just completes the whole outfit. TIP take your shirt in the front and using your thumb push down. It's super cute and totally rocking right now.

Slip ons are so comfy and easy to get on. I got these shoes at Bargain Hunt for like 30 dollars and you can probably see I have worn them to death. Bargain Hunt is a great store with super cute clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, food, and lots of other stuff all for a reasonable price. Anyway these shoes are great for running out the door when in a hurry or just simply matching them with a cute outfit.

Sorry for not including any accessories didn't think about it until I was writing this post. Thanks for reading hope to see some comments because I love hearing from my readers.